21 Day Share Your Sauce Challenge

Introducing the 21 Day Share Your Sauce Challenge

Spend 21 days In November to share your Awesome Sauce While Growing Your Income and Impact!

Act Fast! Registration for the 21-Day Share Your Sauce Challenge ends Friday, October 31, 2015.

21 Day Share Your Sauce Challenge

If you’re anything like me you…

  • Share all your energy helping others always putting yourself last
  • Feel overwhelmed with the amount of marketing tasks you should be doing and don’t know where to start
  • Need to market your business but are too time crunched to do it

But it doesn’t have to be like that

Your business marketing doesn’t have to be sacrificed because you are busy helping others with what you do.
It’s possible to market (and grow) your business in ways that transform your impact and income.
I’ve helped countless others do this and now I’m ready to share my process with you.

If I could show you simple daily actions you could take to
grow your business would you want to know more?

If you answered YES to these questions, the 21-Day Share Your Sauce Challenge can help you!

I’m Ready to Take Action – Sign Me Up

Why I Developed the Program

Imagine the extra income and new clients you could attract if you spent daily time marketing your business.

I’m sure you spend time learning about the latest tactics and what to do to market your business. But when it comes to implementing, you get caught up in the day to day activities of running your business and servicing your clients.

And if you are like me, you love helping others.  You spend all your time, energy, and love making a difference for your clients.  Often the last person you make time to help is yourself and your own business.

I got the idea of doing this challenge — 21 Day Share Your Sauce Challenge — and thought it would be a great way to motivate you to take massive action to grow your business. So I designed the 21 Day Share Your Sauce Challenge to change that.

This Challenge gives you daily tasks with what to do to grow your business with helpful articles, checklists, and everything you need to make it happen.  Most tasks can be performed in an hour or less. BOOM! Easy Action and Fast Results!

Here’s How It Works

I’ll provide you a checklist of high impact marketing actions to move your business forward. You’ll get a monthly calendar to write your daily marketing goals.   You’ll get a personal coaching session to provide assistance and answer questions.  I will cheer you on and guide you to make sure you reach your online marketing goals.

Plus you’ll get exclusive access to my 21 Day Share the Sauce Challenge community.  There you’ll be connected with like-minded heart centered entrepreneurs.  You can support one another, ask questions, share resources, and provide different ideas.

Imagine what could happen in your business if you took massive action towards your dreams 30 days from now, 90 days from now, and one year from now. Wow!

Are you ready to do this? As a member of the 21-Day Challenge here’s what you’ll gain access to:

  • A list of 75+ Sauce Sharing tasks, tiny bite sized marketing strategies that are easy to imchecklistplement
  • A monthly planning calendar that you can print out
  • One 30-minute private coaching call with me so you can get your questions answered and the guidance you need to succeed (must be scheduled by December 11, 2015)
  • Access to an exclusive online support group

I’m Ready to Take Action – Sign Me Up

What does the 21 Day Share Your Sauce Challenge Include?

  • An easy to follow marketing task list
  • Simple practices to guide you daily
  • A clear understanding of your unique AwesomeSauce brand
  • Action steps to build your Expert Status
  • Tactics to Make Your Headline News
  • Ways to Make your Website Sell
  • Key actions to grow your network
  • Steps to Boost your Social Media Results
  • Plug and play resources, blueprints and tips
  • Monthly planning tool to make taking action easy
  • Personal support with me – your AwesomeSauce Coach *grin*
  • Support with like-minded individuals in the Facebook group
  • and more!

Who would benefit from this challenge?

The 21-Day Marketing Challenge is perfect for any heart centered entrepreneur who wants to make a bigger impact with their business. Here is a short list of the types of entrepreneurs who have had success from this challenge:

  • Service Based Business Owners
  • Business and Life Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Marketers
  • Copywriters
  • Authors
  • Professional Speakers
  • Spiritual Teachers and Advisers
  • Holistic Medicine Practitioners
  • Naturopath
  • Meditation Teachers
  • Hypnotists
  • Therapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Reiki Practitioners
  • Psychics
  • Educators and trainers
  • Writers and authors
  • Direct marketing leaders

Read What Others Are Saying About the 21 Day
Share Your Sauce Challenge In Their Own Words

View More: http://essentiaphotography.pass.us/jill-celeste “The most successful entrepreneurs are ones who implement highly selective, biggest-bang-for-your-buck marketing tasks every day. Just like I say to my own students, you are the Director of Marketing for your business – because without marketing, you will not have a business! That’s why I like the 21-Day Share Your Sauce Challenge. It teaches you how to take bite-size steps to improve your marketing every day, and you get the accountability and support you need to make sure you get the job done. Entrepreneurship can be hard, but you can work “smarter, not harder” when it comes to your marketing. Signing up for this challenge will teach you lifelong marketing skills so that you’ll always make the best, most profitable decisions for your marketing – and your business.”

– Jill Celeste, Celestial Marketing Academy , jillceleste.com


11058435_821441471264441_8700767498099527256_o“I thought that being an airline pilot for 25 years had prepared me for the challenges of life, but starting my own business turned out to be way outside of my comfort zone- The content was relatively easy to create, but getting the word out to my potential clients was more confusing than flight school!  There are so many options and activities to accomplish, I had no idea where to start…. Even my expensive year long business school left me wondering what to do first, so when I heard about Kristie’s 21 day Share Your Sauce Challenge, I signed up immediately!  What a relief to have someone map out a marketing plan for a newbie like myself!  The best part is that it only takes 21 days to get a solid marketing foundation established and then I can go back and repeat as often as necessary. My business is finally cleared for takeoff and I can’t wait to see how high I soar!!

Linda Johnstone, Changemaker Moms,   Changemakermoms.com


gayla baer225“I can tell you from experience that the toughest challenges businesses face when it comes to online marketing is knowing where to start, putting together a plan and finding the time to make that plan work. The 21 Day Challenge resolves that issue, and provides an action plan that is easy to implement in a matter of minutes to an hour each day. The hard work of mapping out a plan has been done for you! Being a part of this challenge has lifted me to greater levels of success and provided the structure
and accountability to get the job done!”

– Gayla Baer-Taylor, Gadabout Media

What’s my investment?

For only a $100 investment, you can sign up for the 21-Day Share your Sauce Challenge and get all of this:

  • List of 75+ marketing tasks you can choose from for your challenge
  • Special calendar for the month
  • One 30-minute private coaching call with me
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other challenge attendees so you can share ideas and network

Just the personal coaching session alone is worth more than $100 – An Incredible Value in Itself! 

Are you ready to make a greater impact with your business?  The time is now!
Click here to Join!

Meet the Creator of the 21 Day Share Your Sauce Challenge

Kristie Notto
The Saucy Girl, AwesomeSauce Marketing

Kristie-rimmele-headshot-whiteHey there! I’m Kristie Notto, founder of the 21-Day Share Your Sauce Challenge, bestselling author, and inspired advocate for heart centered entrepreneurs.  With this challenge I hope to help 1 million people to make profound changes in their business by taking one daily action step a day to expand their outreach.

My passion is helping thought leaders to identify their unique “special sauce” and position them as a mini celebrities so they increase sales, book more presentations and become headline news.

I’m living proof that it works! I am a bestselling author, have been on a National TV Media tour and featured on CNN Radio and hundreds of radio shows around the country. My business advice has been featured in articles in over 100 publications including Small Business Opportunities, Home Business Magazine, Sales and Service Excellence and others. Additionally, my work has been featured in major media online including Business Week, Entrepreneur magazine, Brand Channel and the Dr. Laura show. Dr Phil McGraw recommended my online community as one of the top work at home sites on the Internet!

Plus, my book, “I Love My Life: A Mom’s Guide to Working from Home” was a bestselling business bible that inspired thousands of moms to start their own businesses from home.

A personal message for you… I believe in you!

Hey you, reading this! YES… you! When was the last time you remembered how Awesome you are? Do you know that you are UNIQUE? There`s no one on this planet who has the same dreams, talents, abilities and passions that you have? So Make a decision today to play a bigger game – one that’s full of  service, inspiration contribution because what you have the world needs! And if you ever need some encouragement, I`m here for you!

Wishing you love, light, and success!

Kristie Notto
The Saucy Girl
AwesomeSauce Marketing

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