Ignite your Impact: How Entrepreneurs can Share their
Light and Love to Transform the World

Ignite Your ImpactThis revolutionary book by the Tribebuilding expert for influencers and visionaries reveals how heart centered entrepreneurs can get on the fast track to clarity, results and fulfillment.


If you yearn to embrace your gifts. feel fulfilled, and make money doing it, this book is for you!

Ignite your Impact will change your life and business forever. You are about to discover how to stand out powerfully from your competition, attract ideal customers and charge more through telling your compelling story. You’ll discover how to cut through fears around visibility so you can start sharing your message. You’ll get laser-focused clarity about your unique gifts and the transformation you offer. You’ll uncover how to master your mindset to increase your self worth and net worth. Find out how to package your expertise into high-end signature coaching programs. Plus, entrepreneurs can make their business a force for good by generating more profits while serving the world.

Kristie Notto inspires you to step up, shine, and make the difference only you can make with her simple 7 step plan for building a tribe, inciting a movement, and sparking massive change.

Get ready to realize more success and impact than you ever dreamed of.

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“I LOVE MY LIFE: A Mom’s Guide to Working from Home”
By Kristie Tamsevicius (that’s me – my new married name is Notto!)

I Love My LifeImagine rush hour being the time it takes to snuggle up with your kids, boot up your computer and pour a cup of coffee. In 20 minutes, you have accomplished more (and had much more fun) than your counterparts still sitting in the smog of exhaust on the freeway. The ultimate dream of working from home with your kids!

You are about to discover a system that is revolutionary yet so simple. I Love My Life shows how to manage business financials, build an effective business web site, market effectively online, take your business to the next level, and build a multiple streams of passive income. It’s a motivational, start up and high power business strategy book all-in-one.

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