Miracle Morning Review – Why I Love Miracle Morning – the hottest morning practice craze!

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20160623_131547Miracle Morning Review: Why I Love Miracle Morning (and you should too!)

Curious about the Miracle Morning? Here’s my review of The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM).

Do you have a morning practice?  I always have been a big fan of having my own morning time.  Then some of my colleagues were telling me about the book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Curious to see what all the buzz was about, I joined the Miracle Morning Community I was amazing at all the cool, positive people there.  So I bought my own copy of Miracle Morning and read it cover to cover.

I have absolutely loved implementing Hal’s Life SAVERS into my life. If you aren’t aware, here are the specifics of the Life Savers that are part of the Miracle Morning.


Here are ways that Miracle Morning has changed my life.

  1. It has given me precious “me time” every morning so I feel peaceful and grounded.
  2. It’s boosted my self confidence and eliminated fear.
  3. It’s increased my focus and clarity.  I feel so on target for what I want to create in my life.
  4. By raising my vibration it’s helping me move farther, faster by helping me attract what I need and desire.
  5. I’ve become part of a wonderful community of people who want to give, share, care, love and make a difference in the world.

I love their goal of Elevating the Consciousness of Humanity One Morning at a time!

Hal ElrodI just came back from the Miracle Morning Mastery & Co-Creation Experience which was off the charts incredible!

Some of the incredible presenters there were:

There I had the privilege of meeting Hal Elrod in person and thanking him for how the Miracle Morning helped me visualize, meditate, and connect to Spirit to write my new book Ignite Your Impact.  How Entrepreneurs Can Share Their Light and Love and Transform the World!

The most amazing part of this historic event was the chance to co-develop the future of the Miracle Morning movement! Together we talked about how TMM can transform government, end poverty, heal diabetes and obesity, empower children, alleviate depression, assist Veterans suffering from PTSD, and more! See my video from the event here.

I honestly believe that taking time every morning to connect to Spirit, renew your soul, and remind yourself what you truly want in life is the ultimate gift to give yourself.  It really raises your vibration and helps you achieve greater success and happiness.

I honestly believe that if everyone took this time to reconnect and fill up with love daily it was raise the consciousness of the whole planet.  What an incredible world it will be.

Have you read Miracle Morning?

Share your Miracle Morning experience below!


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