The Bestseller Launch Formula to Make Your Book an Overnight Bestseller

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1962706_10152589366891927_2293601213386464724_nAre you writing a book and looking for ways to get in front of more ideal customers?  Running a bestseller campaign can help you to be seen by thousands of people.

Ever since I made my book “I Love My Life: A Mom’s Guide to Working From Home” a bestselling book overnight on June 24 2003, many authors have asked me how I did it.

Here’s the story of taking my book to be an overnight bestseller and how it worked.

Michael Hyatt offers a brilliant breakdown of the overnight bestseller strategy in this blog post.

And here’s the landing page from the “Succeeding Against All Odds” bestseller campaign.

book-signingPlus, here’s a step by step breakdown of the plan for an overnight bestseller campaign.  I recommend a 6-8 lead time to properly manage this campaign.  It’s a lot of work but it works.

Wishing you the best of success making your book an overnight bestseller!

Kristie Notto
Author of “I Love My Life: A Mom’s Guide to Working from Home”

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