8 Ways to Let Love Light the Way to Business Success

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We all know the feeling of being the new kid on the block.  You don’t know anyone, you are shy.  You join a new private Facebook or LinkedIn group and end up being a lurker or a wallflower till you find your comfort zone.As tribe leaders, it’s our job to welcome new tribe members with love and help them to become a part of your community.  One of the best things you have to offer are love, gratitude, and appreciation.

8 Ways

Here are 8 ways to let your tribe members know how special and appreciated they are.

1) Welcome people who join your tribe with open arms.  When someone joins your group or likes you on social media, send them a private message genuinely thanking them for the connection.

I got this touching PM on Facebook the other day when I LIKED Stacey Curnow’s Facebook business page. “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you taking the time to “like” my page. Thanks for being your awesome self!”  That made me SMILE and feel truly happy about the new connection.

Or someone else recently posted this simple heartfelt note on my timeline. “Hi Kristie Notto, Thanks for connecting! Looking forward to your posts and getting to know you.”

You can even make a nice social media graphic that is heartfelt and makes them feel special.  See this one for example I give to new people who friend me on Facebook. I am a HUGE Hello Kitty fan so this is very “me”.

Thank you for adding me! (1)

2) Send a card to new clients.  I seriously love Send Out Cards for this.  Its great for sending a little “client love note” and they make it easy to include gift items too like fudge, brownies, flowers, and so much more.  Best of all I can do it right from my computer while wearing pajamas. No need to run to the post office to tuck a little love in the mail. Trying sending a couple of cards with Send Out Cards for FREE and see for yourself.  It’s quick, fun, and easy.

For example I got this welcome card and brownies (sent using Send Out Cards) from my business coach Fabienne Frederickson of Client Attraction Business School and it rocked my world to know she thought of me.  I felt SO loved and valued!


tribe-love3) Instead of “sales promotions” send “love notes” instead.  The best marketing doesn’t come from a place of “what can I get”.  Instead it comes from a place of genuine love and concern for the customer.  They very best way to do this is to create an avatar of a person who is your perfect ideal client.  Write specifically to that person from a place of caring about the pain and how you can help. Reread the note.  If it doesn’t touch your heart, then it’s not right.  Keep rewriting it until it feels like love.

4) Send new Tribe members a personalized welcome email.  Review their website.  Share complements about what you genuinely like about them.  Find common connections.  Turn this new connection into a genuine friendship.

5) Share praise and acknowledgments publicly.  Nothing makes someone feel more special than a public acknowledgment.  If you interviewed someone for your podcast, write a recommendation praising what a great guest they were on their LinkedIn.  If a vendor did an incredible job on a project, rave about them on Facebook.  I love taking pics when I meet them for coffee and then sharing the picture on Facebook along with some kind words about them.  Starts a relationship off on the right foot.

Here’s a post I did when I met Anita Myers, a life coach at Innerscope Consulting the other day.


And here’s the post I added with the picture.

“Just had breakfast with the mindblowingly awesome Anita Myers, author of the new book The Dating GPS.. guys, pricks and sweethearts. This book is so amazing, like Chicken Soup for the Soul meets Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. If you know a single girl who keeps meeting jerks, this book helps you do the inner work to attract your sweetheart. Oprah watch out this girl is lighting a courageous fire of hope and empowerment for women around the world. — with Anita Myers.”

Let’s just say that coffee turned into an incredible relationship and now Anita is one of my favorite new clients.  A little love and caring goes a long way!

6) Put your fans in the spotlight.  Pick a “fan of the week” to feature on your social media and bring attention and recognition too.  You could even make a special graphic to use that says “you are amazing” or something.  I love doing a weekly shout out on Twitter to my top new followers.  Think of creating a hashtag for Twitter like #coolpeepoftheweek.

7) Host regular Facebook, Blog, Twitter, and Promotional shares within your Tribe fanpage.  That builds stronger relationships within the community.  Plus, it gives members the gift of growing their fanbase too!

Linda Joy of the Visionary Female Authors group does an AWESOME job of this. Here’s an example.


Facebook Fan Page Party – (January 25th)

A fun, collaborative way to get to know each other, increase our Facebook Fan Page likes and create a family of sacred soul sisters who resonate with each other’s message.

Authentic Marketing Tip: When you come from a place of authenticity in all your interactions – whether it’s with your ideal reader or a potential collaborative partner – you will attract those who are an ideal match for your message.

Let’s all commit to liking and commenting on at least 3 members pages.
Spread as much love as your schedule allows. You’ll soon discover that the love comes back tenfold.

Here’s how it works:
1. Post and Pin your question to your Facebook wall.
2. Come back to this thread and post the URL to your Facebook Page
3. Go through this thread & ‘LIKE’ the pages of at least 3 members.
4. While you are there ‘COMMENT” on the question posted on their page
5. Each week be sure to “COMMENT” on the questions posted (even after you’ve liked their page) – it’s in the comment where you create a heart-centered connection.


8) Bring them special exclusive guests.  If you have super cool VIPs in your network, bring them in for private hang outs with your group.  Your tribe will love you for the up close and personal connection with these superstars.

When I meet cool peeps at conferences, I love to take a pic with them and then invite them for interviews with my tribe. When you take these pictures and share on social media, it shows your tribe you are “out there” making great connections.  It also is a way to “share love” with the new friends you made and show you appreciate the connection.

Here’s a picture of Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, Ali Brown, and Michelle PW when I met them at a Dan Kennedy Conference.  (Incredible ladies I love!)


I leave you with a beautiful quote that Albert Einstein made in a letter to his daughter about the power of love.

“Love is Light, that enlightens those who give and receive it.
Love is gravity, because it makes some people feel attracted to others.

Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness. Love unfolds and reveals.

For love we live and die. Love is God and God is Love” – Albert Einstein

Hope this inspires you to think about sharing the love in a big way with your audience.

Love and Light to you Friend!



BTW: Here’s my love gift for you.
The Little Book of Empowering Beliefs.  Enjoy!

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